What We Do

Each of our programs are designed to address a different facet of the literary crisis, from providing in-person support for students in the classroom, to distributing books to school, classroom, and home libraries. Check out our programs below to learn more about how the work of KOREH L.A. helps transform the literary landscape of Los Angeles.

KOREH L.A. Volunteer Program

The KOREH L.A. Volunteer Program recruits and trains volunteer reading partners to work with LAUSD K-5th grade students to help enhance their reading skills and foster a love of reading. Volunteers work one-on-one for an hour per week with children identified by their teachers as reluctant readers.
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Teen Literacy Corps (TLC)

KOREH L.A.’s Teen Literacy Corps program partners public and private high school classrooms with nearby elementary school classrooms for one-on-one reading mentorships.
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KOREH L.A. Book Initiative

The KOREH L.A. Book Initiative partners with corporations and individual donors to restock the empty shelves of LAUSD’s neediest elementary school libraries and place books in the hands of students.
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Corporate KOREH

Corporate KOREH empowers businesses to give back to their communities by acting as a program sponsor or by encouraging their staff members to volunteer as KOREH L.A. reading partners at nearby schools. Corporate partners include law firms, insurance companies, financial, accounting and entertainment businesses.
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