Volunteer Portal

Welcome, KOREH L.A. Volunteers!

Welcome to the Volunteer Portal, a comprehensive collection of resources and information just for KOREH L.A. volunteers.

As a KOREH L.A. volunteer, you have the opportunity to make a direct impact in a student’s life each week that you spend with them. After attending an initial training and reviewing the KOREH L.A. Volunteer Handbook and KOREH L.A. Games & Activities Packet, you may be looking for the next step to make your reading sessions as effective and impactful as possible, and to learn more about best practices for volunteering. You might want to learn more about how to identify if your student is a visual, aural, or kinesthetic learner. Or, perhaps, you’re working with a student who is an English Language Learner, and you are interested in language-building exercises. Or, maybe you’re just looking for book suggestions, or different games and activities to play with your student.

The Volunteer Portal serves as a guide for volunteers (both new and veteran!) looking for ways to enrich and enhance their reading sessions. Each section covers a different topic which volunteers may encounter over the course of the school year, and outlines information, resources, and activities relevant to that topic.

Our volunteers have collected a wealth of knowledge related to literacy and education throughout the many years of our program. From enrichment meetings, to guest speakers, to their own invaluable personal experiences, our volunteers are often each other’s greatest resource! That’s why we’ve included sections called “Ask a Volunteer,” where we share tips, suggestions, and stories from past and current KOREH L.A. volunteers. Similarly, our “Ask an Expert” sections include information shared with KOREH L.A. volunteers by various guest speakers on their topics of expertise.

Click on the “Get Started” button below to go through our Volunteer Portal guide from the beginning, or if you’d like to jump to a specific section, you can click on one of the topics listed below!

Happy reading!

The KOREH L.A. Staff