Our Impact

Fostering a Love of Reading

Student participants demonstrate significant reading achievement, reading engagement and reading motivation gains.

Read & Succeed

100% of elementary school administrators see benefits for their students.

A New Generation of Readers & Leaders

Elementary school students who have teen mentors through the TLC program demonstrate increases in literacy skills and self-esteem.

Empowering Los Angeles Teens

Teen mentors experience substantial gains in college going efficacy and self-empowerment.

USC Rossier School of Education Comprehensive Evaluation of the KOREH L.A. Volunteer Program and TLC

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Since 1999, KOREH L.A. has:



Trained over 18,000 volunteer reading partners.


Reached over 20,000 students.


Placed volunteers in more than 150 elementary schools.


Distributed over 30,000 books to school libraries, classrooms, and students.


Restocked 24 school libraries with new books.


Transforming the Literacy Landscape of Los Angeles

KOREH L.A. is a proud recipient of the 2015 City of Los Angeles Certificate of Recognition honoring KOREH L.A.’s contribution and dedication to enriching our city and improving the lives of Angelenos.

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LAUSD Educators on the KOREH L.A. Volunteer Program:


Rockdale Elementary


“[I liked the volunteers’] kindness and commitment to the students. Students definitely felt loved and cared about. That one hour was worth more than its weight in gold.

Melrose Elementary


“[I liked] the one-on-one relationships that the mentors have established with our students. They are so caring, kind, and focused with the children. This individualized attention makes a huge difference.

Carthay Center Elementary

Title 1 Coordinator

“Volunteer support directly helps our students succeed. Our students benefit by being more confident in their reading.”

Chandler Elementary School


“I liked the individualized attention each student received to improve fluency, comprehension, and confidence, and seeing the volunteers come to our school with smiles and ready to make a difference.”

Wilshire Crest Elementary School


“The one-to-one tutoring [builds] a positive rapport with the students. The students’ faces light up when the volunteers walk through the door. Students show significant progress in reading and English language acquisition.”

Fullbright Elementary School


“My second language learners get a huge improvement in language acquisition and communication skills.”

LAUSD Educators on the Teen Literacy Corps Program:


Milken Community High School


“Our students felt empowered, connected, appreciated, responsible and effective.”

First Street Elementary


“The academic and social engagement amongst all students was really beautiful to observe. It promoted a great sense of self-esteem in all involved.”

Roosevelt High School


“It gives them a sense of responsibility and purpose which drives them….I take pride in watching them become leaders and come out of their shells in their efforts to engage their mentees.”

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